Connecting the Dots:

The Steps from Dreaming to Moving into your Clifton View Home

  1. Develop a vision for what you want and need: this is the critical first step of defining your goals of the home, how you want to live, how your home aligns with lifestyle and values. 
  2. Can you do it? This is confirming you have the time, energy and financial ability to get the home constructed. If you need financing it's critical that you shop for a loan and lender that offer construction financing as well as permanent loans. 
  3. Get Specific: this is when you list out all the particulars needed; number of bedrooms, bathrooms, what particulars are “must haves”. 
  4. Buy your plan and land: these two elements go hand in hand. Not all plans fit all lots. The good news is that Zero-Energy Plans, LLC has over 40 plans to choose from and we can also custom design your sustainable home. 
  5. Hire your team; once you have your plan and land, you need to select your general contractor, Clifton View Homes! 
  6. Confirm financing: If a mortgage is needed, this is when you select a lender and finalize construction and land loans as needed. We work with several lenders and can provide advice  in this regard. 
  7. If you have not yet, you'll need to secure your permits and do your land prep work. 
  8. Build your house.  Follow your dreams, and enjoy the process! 
  9. Move into your beautiful custom CVH home!

How Important is Energy Efficiency?

 Did you know a home can have an energy score (not unlike the MPG score on a car) that will let you know how energy efficient it is?  Check out this article by Dave Porter, Marketing & Sales Director for Zero Energy Home Plans to find out more: "Market Matters: Like a new car, be sure to check home’s fuel-efficiency score."